2019 PLAN (Professional Learning and Networking)

01-14-2019 11:51

Professional Learning and Networking (PLAN) Program

The PLANProgramhas been established to partner with our member firms to provide Finance and Accounting students with an opportunity to obtain valuable and relevant work experience at a reputable firm.

Under this program, a subsidy of $5,000 is awarded to a selected member firm to utilize in offsetting the payroll costs associated with employing a Finance and Accounting Intern. The subsidy will be issued to the awarded firm at the conclusion of the Internship Program, and with documentation of meeting the minimum requirements of the PLAN Program. There is one (1) subsidy available, and one (1) member firm will be selected for the 2019 PLAN Program.

 Association members must apply for consideration of this award, which is to be used as follows:

  1. The firm employs an Intern for a minimum duration of ten (10) full time weeks at any time during the period May 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
  2. The firm employs an Intern at a minimum hourly rate of $15.00/hour
  3. The Intern is actively integrated in a Finance or Accounting atmosphere (most commonly a Finance and Accounting Department), and as a part of a program that will allow the intern to gain valuable experience and expertise in their field of study

Qualified applicants must be:

  1. A current student at an accredited College or University
  2. A rising Junior or rising Senior who is actively enrolled in the College or University
  3. Enrolled in a Finance or Accounting program
  4. Firm receiving the award can only receive once per three year period
  5. Selection will safe guard against bias toward firms of the Board of Directors

During their Internship experience, the Intern will attend a CFMA function. At the conclusion of the Internship, the Intern will attend a Board of Directors meeting to present the Board with a report on their Internship experience. As a part of this report, the firm will provide a statement describing the work that was completed by the Intern and how this resource benefited the firm.

 To be considered for this subsidy, the member firm must:

  1. Complete the attached application
    1. Provide an overview of your goals for the Accounting Intern experience
    2. Note the work schedule and who the position will report to
    3. Describe your interview and candidate selection process
  2. Provide a job description outlining the Accounting Intern position, specifically the functions that the incumbent will be responsible for

Enclosed, you will find the formal application to be considered for thePLAN Program subsidy. Applications can be submitted to: Peggy Jones (pjones@davisconstruction.com). The application deadline is February 28, 2019, at which time the Board will carefully review all applications and select the firm that best aligns with our vision of the program. The awarded firm will be announced by March 31, 2019. 

Questions surrounding this program, or the requirements to apply for the subsidy can be directed to Peggy Jones.


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